Kindergarten with Mrs. Kalny

March is here! Spring is around the corner! Looking forward to St. Patrick's Day . Trimester 2 ends this Friday. (15th) Report cards will be sent home on March 26th. 

Math: Chapter 9, is the beginning of Geometry. They will learn about circles, triangles, squares & their attributes, vocab terms includes, sides, curves, round, vertex, vertices, & same length. (Two-dimensional shapes) We continue to learn about addition, subtraction & place value as well.    

 This week: Plants grow & change. 

Social Studies
: Money
ELA: This week: My Lucky Day!  Focus on: Identify verbs in a sentence, Subjects in the sentence, sequencing, main idea & plot. 

Please continue to work with them on their 
Dolch word list. They should be able to identify these words in a sentence. Discuss sentences are made of words, words are made of letters. Letters make sounds to form words. Sentences begin with an uppercase letter & end with a period, exclamation point or question mark. We have also been discussing what words are nouns in a sentence, verbs (action words) & adjectives. They need to know this. Proper nouns as well are being discussed. 

Religion: Lent. God's gifts to us all. Review of our five senses. 

Handwriting:  Reviewing of all letters in the alphabet. Upper/lower case Y y, W, w. Alphabet assessments & phonic assessments as well.  Please be sure they are forming letters correctly. Refer to the alphabet I sent home previously. Follow the arrows to guide them on how to form them properly. Letters always start at the top line or the dotted middle line for some lower case letters, "e" is the exception. 
For incoming Kindergarten students 2018/2019 school year link for summer work, click here to download.  Summer K Packet.  Click here for book report page.     

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Monday: Art
Tuesday: Library/Computer
Wednesday: Physical Education
Friday: Library/Computer & LOTE