Our Lady of Lourdes School strives to make the child's faith active, living, and conscious.
We work toward this goal by:

1. recognizing that religion is not just another subject but a way of life
2. encouraging both formal and informal prayer
3. setting an example by living Christ-like lives
4. fostering respect and understanding of the Church through children's participation in: 
    a. class Masses
    b. class prayer services
    c. penance services
    d. serving as altar servers 
    e. participating in Stations of the Cross
5. instilling in the children an awareness of the needs of their neighbor by: 
    a. praying for those in need 
    b. participating in food and clothing drives 
    c. contributing to various charities
6. preparing students to live in the modern world in a truly Christian way
7. regular class visitations by the pastor
8. praying for Religious Vocations

All children are individuals who are given the opportunity to contribute their uniqueness in every facet of the school community.  With this uniqueness comes the freedom and responsibility to make decisions and to develop their individual talents. We do this by:

1. working with the individual in academic areas for both remediation and enrichment
2. fostering creativity in prose, poetry, art, music and drama
3. giving freedom to work independently 
4. providing positive reinforcement of their self-worth which encourages them to develop a positive self-image
5. instilling pride in their own accomplishments
6. giving opportunities to work on committees for group projects, research, mentoring, class buddies
7. instructing students to competently handle and operate technological equipment
8. participating in a variety of diocesan programs

Our Lady of Lourdes School aims towards academic excellence by teaching the basic academic skills of the curriculum which are needed to further the growth of the individual.

The teaching of these basic skills is accomplished via:
1. a multi-media approach
2. projects which challenge the talents and initiative of the student
3. use of tactile and kinesthetic devices
4. grouping where appropriate
5. individualization when appropriate
6. dramatization, such as role-playing, improvisations, skits, etc.
7. application of basic skills to daily life
8. field trips that are educational and cultural
9. utilization of an equipped library for:
    a. research
    b. library skills
    c. story hour for primary grades
    d. stimulation of the personal enjoyment of reading
10. silent reading for encouragement of reading (DEAR time)
11. supplemental classes for middle school students (EXCEL)
12. experimentation especially in math and science classes
13. group discussion
14. oral reports, speech etc.
15. reinforcement and stimulation through educational games utilizing computers and iPads
16. resource teacher
17. social worker

In order to develop the well-roundedness of an individual, he/she must be encouraged to recognize the fullness of life and the beauty of the God-created world around them.

1. Music
     a. a New York State certified music teacher teaches music fundamentals to grades PK through 8
     b. a qualified band teacher provides lessons
     c. Christmas and spring concerts are presented

2. Art
     a. taught in all grades by a New York State certified teacher
     b. participation in art contests and other exhibits are encouraged
     c. school and classroom decorations are created

3. Drama
     b. Drama productions are presented.

Physical education is taught in all grades by a qualified teacher.

Children are encouraged to participate in class, parish, and community activities.

    a. Spirit League (new 2017-18!)
    b. Basketball 
    c. Cheerleaders 
    d. Track 
    e. Little League 
    f. Swimming Teams 
    g. Soccer 
    h. Softball
    i. lacrosse

    a. Student Council 
    b. Children's Choir
    c. Daisies
    d. Brownies
    e. Cub Scouts
    f. Girl Scouts
    g. Boy Scouts 

In attending Our Lady of Lourdes School, the students take upon themselves the obligation of obeying the rules and regulations of the school. They assume the responsibility for the careful use of all school materials and property.

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