Social Studies

‚ÄčWelcome to Social Studies 
with Mrs. Pugliese!

(*Please see the 
Middle School Calendar on this website for all upcoming assessments.*)

Projects & Homework
Students will be assigned 
various projects throughout the year on their Chromebooks. These projects will be done in class and outside of school. Students will not always be assigned nightly homework while they are working on a project. The project is their homework. 

6th Grade: The 6th grade is currently studying Chapter 3, Ancient Egypt. 

7th Grade: The 7th Grade will have a detailed course on American History. They are currently studying the beginnings of the 13 colonies. 

8th Grade: This year the 8th Grade will continue its study of American History! After the Christmas break, they will begin studying Chapter 10-A Changing Nation. This chapter covers the middle of the 1800s and many important people in American History such as James Monroe & the Monroe Doctrine, Andrew Jackson, and the Trail of Tears