5th grade Social Studies
Fifth grade Social Studies Test Tuesday November 20, 2018 Students should reference the America 1492 magazine notes in their notebooks Students should know the different tribes and what they did for survival, shelter, food and clothing Should be able to explain how the Iroquois showed respect for animals Understand the Okipa celebrations and what happened during them Explain how studying American Indians traditions of the past help understand the traditions American Indians follow today. How does the diverse environment affect the lives of the Native American Indians

The 5th graders completed and presented their research project on state geography! They thoroughly enjoyed gathering computer research and sharing the interesting landforms, manufacturing and agriculture that these places offer.
As they might have told you, we are starting our unit on the Indian Tribes that came to America. Students have been reading the magazine themselves and gathering notes and information for their group project and presentation. They are also going to be working together to create their two artifacts that they believe represent their tribe. Students were sent home with their notice of due dates and when materials can be brought in. I have linked it below. If you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to email me! 

Check out Calendar for Due Dates!
5th grade Unit on American Indian Tribes.docx

I am thrilled to be teaching 5th grade Social Studies this year. The Social Studies curriculum consists of project based activities. Students will be continuing to learn about American and World History and American Geography. Many of the activities will be project based and completed in school. Students will be completing Current Events this year and have been sent home the rubric and their dates for their presentations. The rubric and guidelines will be posted on the page for reference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at cceliberti5620@ollmalverne.org