5th grade Social Studies

Quiz Wednesday May 15th- Constitution

5th grade study guide for Constitution Quiz.docx

Test Thursday February 14, 2019
Students will be asked to write an essay about the similarities and differences of two colonial groups. Students should be able to discuss either the New England Colonies, Southern Colonies or Middle Colonies 

Students have been doing a great job learning about the Early Settlements and understanding the development of the Americas. Students have an assessment on Wednesday January 23, 2019. They will be taking home a review sheet that will outline what they are expected of. I will also link it below so they may also print out.  Students also will be working on an install project that will ask them to create an advertisement asking people to attract settlers to New France or New Netherlands. Students will be working with a partner assigned by myself and creating the advertisement in school. They project will be completed by Friday January 25, 2019.  The rubric is linked below.

Advertisement rubric- 5th grade.pdf 

Study Guide for Assessment of January 23, 2019 listed below:

5th grade Vocabulary early settlement.docx

 If you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to email me! 

Check out Calendar for Due Dates!
5th grade Unit on American Indian Tribes.docx

I am thrilled to be teaching 5th grade Social Studies this year. The Social Studies curriculum consists of project based activities. Students will be continuing to learn about American and World History and American Geography. Many of the activities will be project based and completed in school. Students will be completing Current Events this year and have been sent home the rubric and their dates for their presentations. The rubric and guidelines will be posted on the page for reference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at cceliberti5620@ollmalverne.org