3rd Grade with Ms. O'Donohue

ness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. --  Mark Twain 

Click here for Book Report schedule and instructions.
Remember - all book reports are due the 2nd Tuesday of the assigned month!
Math.pngI will be giving Extra help in Math again on    Wednesdays    2:50-3:25    There will be no extra help on 1/2 days

Please see Test Outline for upcoming tests and quizzes.

This year we will be learning a lot about ourselves and our  talents. One special thing about third graders is that they are very generous!  We will show our generosity through donations to the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry in our parish. The third graders will recycle their water bottles and donate the money to the pantry. We will also hold classroom raffles (.50 a chance , 3 for 1.00). Shampoo and
soaps,etc. ( hotel or travel size) are also donated.
 **  Thank you Aidan M. and Catherine for bringing in raffles. Thanks again to Aidan for another great raffle. Thank you Sophia S for a fun raffle. Thanks Jack for three great winter raffles. Thanks to Jack again for the cute stickers. Thanks to the Masse family for continuing to bring in soaps for the pantry.  A special thank you to the generous families who are adding extra money to our bottle collections.

   â€‹Wishing you all a Joyous Easter. Enjoy the days with your families.

  Please have your child make math flash card for the times tables and bring them to school. All Times Tables need to be studied and memorized.  Please make sure all toys of any kind are kept at home. Please get new supplies , pencils, highlighters and loose leaf.

In class we are learning:

RELIGION Unit  4 Chapter 15 Jesus Suffered and Dies for us.
SOCIAL STUDIES  Chapter 4 Levels of Government
SCIENCE Ecosystems and Interactions Unit 4
MATH Chapter 7  Division Facts and Strategies    FLASH CARDS for all tables due
LANGUAGE ARTS  Parts of sentences, parts of speech, writing for meaning sequence , main idea, informative and persuasive paragraphs  

The children MUST label the parts of speech in their JNB (sentences 1 through 10) whenever they have grammar work for homework.

 As part of 3rd grade I am trying to teach study skills to the children. They need to learn to go over pages taught every night and not leave studying until the day before a test/ quiz. The work does get harder through the years and the children can not rely totally on what they remember from class,however classwork plays an important part. I am trying to give some long term assignments so they can learn how to budget their time, ex. book reports art projects, chapter tests.

Schedule of Special Classes

Monday   PE
Tuesday   Computer/Library
Wednesday   ART
Thursday     Music    Spanish

CLASS  PARENT HELPERS:  Mrs. Marrero , Mrs. Ventrudo, Mrs. Darcy .  Thank you for volunteering to help.
If you need to contact me please e-mail me at  so'donohue5620@ollmalverne.org or send a note.