1st Grade

1st Grade with Mrs. Jones and Mrs. LaRocca

1st Graders are Wise Owls!
Please discuss with your child the importance of listening and not speaking while the teachers are teaching/speaking.  Continue to work with your child using two- and three-step instructions.

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Summer Packet

Math:   It is very important that the students study addition facts each night (doubles facts, 10's facts, and all addition facts with sums up to 20). 
Reading:   READ EVERY NIGHT!  
Spelling:  Practice Dolch Words every night.
Science: We will be exploring Forces and Energy in Science.
Social Studies: Have finished our Social Studies book, but we will continue to explore these concepts though our Social Studies Weekly Newsletters.

Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do no hesitate to contact me via email at cjones5620@ollmalverne.org.


Parents please label all new school supplies with your child's name.

DISMISSAL CHANGES:  please make sure to send a note or call the office if your child will be dismissed to someone other than a parent. We want to ensure the safety of every child, and knowing the dismissal changes makes our morning routine and afternoon routine easier.

REMINDER:  Please make sure to sign all pages of homework that are assigned. Please ensure that all homework is completed (I.E.: draw to show your work, underline all spelling words in sentences; name on top of each page.) This is a way to teach attention to detail to the students, and it will be beneficial in the future. If all homework is done completely with parents' signatures, students have the chance to earn a No Homework Pass.

Book Report and Homework Rubric:  Please see the Book Report and Homework Rubric under the Resources. A monthly Book Report is due during the first week of each month starting in September (Summer Packet Book Report is not September's Book Report). Every student is expected to read for 15 minutes each night and record the reading on the book logs.  Book logs are collected at the end of the month and graded for completion. Homework is to be completed each night. I do not give any written homework on the weekend, however students must read for 15 minutes each night including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is part of the homework assignment/grade. 
Class Wish List for Indoor Recess:  If anyone would like to donate the following items, the students  would love to have them for Indoor Recess:  Magna Doodles, coloring books, any board games that do not have small pieces.  Thank you so much to all who have already donated.  We all appreciate it so much, especially when the cold weather comes and we will be spending more days inside.

REMEMBER: to label school sweaters and sweatshirts.  The children often take them off, and we have no way of knowing who the item belongs to if it gets left behind at lunch time or in gym.

MATH IDEA:  have your child use index cards to create his/her own flash cards with math facts and then use them to practice Math facts.

HOMEWORK:  Assigned homework is to be completed each night. Please make sure that all instructions for math homework are complete (i.g.: draw to show your work, use crayons/different colors to show work). Missing and incomplete homework is reflected in the student's homework grade on the report card. Also, please do not allow your child to do homework before the assigned day, especially math.  The math homework is aligned with the lesson that is taught that day.  Math:  If you child does not understand the homework, please have him/her attempt to complete it as best that he/she can, but write a note on the homework page to indicate the child's difficulty. This will help me to understand where I need to focus when I re-teach the lesson to your child. Reading (In Reader's Notebook or Phonics Book): please use proper handwriting. All homework is graded on proper handwriting/spacing. Spelling/Written Work in Homework Notebook: All homework must have a complete OLL heading (See the proper OLL heading under Resources). All written homework is graded on proper handwriting/spacing. Please help your child use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization for his/her sentences.  Underline the spelling word used in each sentence.  Religion: As part of our Religion studies, beginning on Sunday, September 18, students will be required to complete a Religion homework sheet each week after attending Mass on either Saturday or Sunday.  It is a very easy assignment and should only take about five minutes to complete. Students simply complete the top portion indicating the Mass he/she attended, and the celebrant at that mass (we are learning about the people who celebrate the mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.  If you belong to a different Parish, this is a good way for your child to learn about the celebrants at his/her Parish.) Then write or draw something about the Gospel or another part of the Mass in the space provided.  A copy will be sent home. Please use that to make copies each week, or print a copy from our Class Page which can be found under Resources entitled "My Thoughts About Sunday Mass".  If you are on vacation, you can find the times and location of a mass near you by going to www.masstimes.org . 

Reading Logs and Book Reports: 

1.  Reading Logs:  Children read seven days a week for 15 minutes each night. Keep Reading Logs in the Homework Folder and continue to record reading onto log.  We will check the log each Monday for completion. PLEASE DO NOT THROW OUT THE READING LOG.  We collect them and keep them in your child's file.  Missing Reading Logs will affect students' reading grades.
2.  Book Reports:  Book Reports are due during the first week of each month.  Book reports handed in after the first week of the month will be marked as late.  Remember to submit book reports on a monthly basis.  Missing book reports will affect students' reading grades.

HEALTHY MORNING SNACK:  ATTENTION!  WE ARE A PEANUT, TREE NUT, AND SEED FREE CLASSROOM.  Please DO NOT send in any morning snack that contains any of these ingredients. These snacks will be returned home. 
Please read all ingredients on the package to ensure that the item was not made in a plant that produces Peanuts, Tree Nuts or Seeds.  If the snack is not individually labeled, please send a note that the item is nut-free.  This will help us provide a safe classroom environment for the children with nut allergies. Please remember to send only water and 1 or 2 healthy snacks for our morning snack. Place snack in a separate bag. Children will not be allowed to drink juice in the classroom. If the juice spills, it will be very sticky, and we don't want ant problems. Also, please send only healthy snacks for our morning snack (no chocolate, cookies, potato chips, or sweets).  Remember to send in at least two napkins with your child's snack--one for a "place mat" and one to wipe his/her face and hands.  If anyone would like to donate cups, napkins and spoons to the class for snack time, that would be helpful and much appreciated.  Thank you for your cooperation. If your child needs a spoon for his/her snack, please remember to send in either a disposable spoon or a reusable spoon.

Remember to please help us by sending in Box Tops!

1.  Please remember to sign and return all tests that are sent home. 

There are parents in charge of each special lunch program.  If you have questions regarding the lunch program, please contact the appropriate committee. ON PIZZA AND PASTA DAY, please send exact change for your child's order and note on the envelope exactly what the money is for (i.e.:  1 slice, 1 snack, 1 drink---1 bowl pasta, 1 snack, 1 drink).  We do not open the envelopes in the classroom.  The envelopes are sent directly to the office. ON BAGEL DAY, please note on your envelope whether your child would like butter or cream cheese. This will help our morning routines go smoothly. Ice cream will be served one time per month usually on a Thursday that no hot lunch is served.  Check the OLL Website for Ice Cream days.  COST: $1  Please put your child's $1 in his/her lunch box.  Due to allergies and some parents not wanting their children to have the ice cream, children will not receive an ice cream if they do not have $1. Please remember to place ALL money to be collected (including Bagel, Pizza and Pasta money) into a labeled envelope and place in the homework folder. Only ice cream money should be placed in lunch bags.  We collect all money and send it to the office first thing in the morning. 

3.  Remember to have children put the heading at the top of all pages of homework.   Thank you for your cooperation!.

Helpful Resources:

Absent notes are legally required when your child is absent. Print out this handy absent note and fill in the information when your child is absent.
2016 Daily Reading Log.xlsx
Print out this Reading Log. Students must read for 15 minutes each night including weekends and holidays and record their reading on the reading log. Logs will remain in the Homework Folder and checked daily.
Book Report Form 2016
Please have your child complete a book report on this form each month. Book reports for each month are due the 10th of each month.
Explore with Dr. Seuss in Seussville
Have fun, play games, learn about Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel, aka Theo LeSieg) and much, much more in Seussville.
EXTRA HELP Permission Slip
A signed Permission Slip is required in order for your child to attend an Extra Help session after school hours. Print this form, sign and return to school.
Harcourt Social Studies Website
This site pertains to the social studies book we are working with. Use the site to review/study social studies content.
Homework and Book Log Rubric
Homework is to be completed each night. In addition, students are required to read for 15 minutes each night including weekends. These grades are included in the homework grade.
Manuscript Handwriting Sheets
Create your own manuscript handwriting sheets.
Math Practice
Practice math skills
My Thoughts About Sunday Mass - Weekly Religion Assignment
Please print a copy of this sheet weekly and complete after attending Mass on either Saturday or Sunday.
OLL Heading
Refer to this for proper heading sample and instructions.
PBS Kids
This is a great website where children can play educational games.
Check here for Grading Rubrics
Writing Rubric - Labels and Captions.doc
This is the rubric for a class assignment/assessment given on 9/15/16. We will review these concepts if students had difficulty.
Science Study Sheet Unit 7 A.docx
Print out this Study Guide for Test on Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Science Study Sheet Unit 8 B.docx
Study Sheet for Test on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1st Science Unit 9 Study Guide B.docx
Study Sheet for Test on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

1st Grade Social Studies Study Sheet Unit 4.docx

1st Grade Social Studies Study Sheet Unit 5.docx
Use this Study Guide for Assessment on Friday, June 2, 2017
Spelling City
Another website to practice spelling words.
Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Read all about our Class Saint.

1st Science Unit 6 Study Guide 17.docx
Study Guide for Assessment on Wednesday, April 10, 2017
A great website to practice phonics.
Storyline Online
Great website where actors and actresses read stories to children.  We listen to these stories during snack time.