1st Grade

1st Grade with Mrs. Jones and Ms. Early

Summer Packets
Click HERE for Summer Packets for students entering first grade in the Fall of 2018.
Please go to Lexile.com to find a list of appropriate books for your child to read over the summer.


1st Graders are Wise Owls!
This year, I look forward to all of our First Graders being Outstanding Wise Owls.  Please discuss with your child the importance of listening and not speaking while the teachers are teaching/speaking or while our classmates are speaking/presenting.

Class Specials Schedule: 
MONDAY: Computer/Library
WEDNESDAY:  Computer/Library and Art
THURSDAY: Spanish and Music

1st Grade MATH FACTS.docx
print out this paper and have your child practice these math facts every night.  You can make flash cards for each fact.

Math:  This week we are continuing Chapter 9 - Measurement and time. We will continue to work on building fluency for addition and subtraction within 20.  It is very important that the students study addition facts each night (doubles facts, 10's facts, and all addition facts with sums up to 20). 
Reading:   READ EVERY NIGHT!  
Spelling:  Practice Dolch Words every night.
Science: We are finishing up Unit 6 and are Earth's Resources.
Social Studies: We are learning all about different cultures and traditions.
Religion:  We are learning about the gifts that God gave to each of us.  Practice the sign of the cross, the Hail Mary and the Our Father every night. ATTEND MASS EVERY SATURDAY OR SUNDAY. 

Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do no hesitate to contact me via email at cjones5620@ollmalverne.org.

Parents please label all school supplies with your child's name.




  • Send a note or call the office if your child will be dismissed to someone other than a parent.

We cannot dismiss a child to someone other than the parents if we do not have written permission.

Birthday Celebrations:
Children may participate in 1, 2, or all three of the following to celebrate their birthdays:
1.  All About Me Bag:  Collect 5 of your favorite items and place in       a bag to present to the class.
2.  Donate a Book:  Donate a book to our class Library.  I will read
     it to the class and we will make a dedication page in your honor.
3.  Goody Bags:  Send in Goody Bags for all students. Please no
     food, and Do Not Label the bags with student names.


  • Sign all pages of homework 
  • Ensure that all homework is completed (I.E.: draw to show your work, underline all spelling words in sentences; name on top of each page.)
  • Submit monthly book report during the first week of each month.
  • Students must read for 15 minutes each night and record on book logs. Logs will be collected at the end of each month.
  • Sign and return all tests.
  • Please send in Box Tops.


  • Ensure that all homework is completed.
  • Write a note if your child had difficulty and I will review.
  • Do not let your child go ahead with future homework or complete unassigned work pages.
  • Use proper handwriting.
  • Write OLL heading on all written homework in Homework Notebook.
  • Complete "My Thoughts About Sunday Mass" Sheet each week. Print from Class Page. You can find the times and location of a mass near you by going to www.masstimes.org . 

  • Send only water and only 1 or 2 healthy snacks for our morning snack.
  • Place snack in a separate bag.
  • Children will not be allowed to drink juice in the classroom.
  • Send only healthy snacks for our morning snack (no chocolate, cookies, potato chips, or sweets).  
  • Send in napkins and spoons with your child's snack 


  • Contact Special Lunch Committees if you have any questions regarding lunch.  
  • We do not open the envelopes in the classroom.  The envelopes are sent directly to the office. 
  • Send exact change for your child's order and note on the envelope exactly what the money is for
  • ON PIZZA: indicate: 1 slice, 1 snack, 1 drink  
  • ON BAGEL DAY, indicate on envelope: butter or cream cheese
  • PASTA DAY: indicate: 1 bowl pasta, 1 snack, 1 drink and Plain, Sauce, or Butter.
  • ICE CREAM DAY - served one time per month on a Thursday . Check the OLL Website for Ice Cream days.  COST: $1  Put your child's $1 in his/her lunch box.  Children will not receive an ice cream if they do not have $1. 
  • Place ALL Pasta and Bagel money into a labeled envelope and place in the homework folder.  
Class Wish List for Indoor Recess: 
  • If anyone would like to donate the following items, the students  would love to have them for Indoor Recess:  Magna Doodles, coloring books, any board games that do not have small pieces.  

Helpful Resources:

RUBRICS: (check here for assessment rubrics)

RUBRICS FOR 1st GRADE 2017 REVISED 9-20.docx
Jones Ch 1 Performance Task Revised004.pdf
Rubric for Chapter 1 Performance Task

Homework and Book Log Rubric

Homework is to be completed each night. In addition, students are required to read for 15 minutes each night including weekends. These grades are included in the homework grade.

STUDY SHEETS: (check here for Social Studies and Science Study Sheets)

1st Grade SS Study Guide Unit 2.docx
Use this Study Guide for Assessment on Friday, December 1, 2017

Absent notes are legally required when your child is absent. Print out this handy absent note and fill in the information when your child is absent.
2016 Daily Reading Log.xlsx
Print out this Reading Log. Students must read for 15 minutes each night including weekends and holidays and record their reading on the reading log. Logs will remain in the Homework Folder and checked daily.
Book Report Form 2016
Please have your child complete a book report on this form each month. Book reports for each month are due the 10th of each month.
Explore with Dr. Seuss in Seussville
Have fun, play games, learn about Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel, aka Theo LeSieg) and much, much more in Seussville.
EXTRA HELP Permission Slip
A signed Permission Slip is required in order for your child to attend an Extra Help session after school hours. Print this form, sign and return to school.
Manuscript Handwriting Sheets
Create your own manuscript handwriting sheets.
Math Practice
Practice math skills
My Thoughts About Sunday Mass - Weekly Religion Assignment
Please print a copy of this sheet weekly and complete after attending Mass on either Saturday or Sunday.
OLL Heading
Refer to this for proper heading sample and instructions.
PBS Kids
This is a great website where children can play educational games.

Spelling City
Another website to practice spelling words.
Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Read all about our Class Saint.

A great website to practice phonics.
Storyline Online
Great website where actors and actresses read stories to children.  We listen to these stories during snack time.