2nd Grade

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As the students begin to become more independent with their homework I ask that you please still check that all homework is completed.  We spend ample amount of time each day copying our homework and packing up.  There has been many students coming to school with incomplete homework.  The completion of homework is extremely important because it allows the students to continue to practice on what is learned during the school day.  Thank you again for your continued support this school year!
Mrs. Cunnane

Communion Meeting
March 14, 2018 at **6:30**
School Hall
All parents must attend

Our Lady of Lourdes

First Holy Communion

April 28, 2018, at 11:30

Math homework must be completed showing work on the front and the back.  If homework comes in without any work it will be counted as an incomplete homework!

Chapter 7: Money and Time

7.1 Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies
7.2 Quarters
7.3 Count Collections
7.4 Show amounts in two ways
7.5 One Dollar
7.6 Amounts greater than $1
7.7 Money
7.8 Time to the house and half hour
7.9 Time to 5 minutes
7.10 Practice telling Time
7.11 A.M. and P.M.

Please be sure to continuously be going over your math facts at home!


Unit 4: All About Plants

plants need certain things to live and grow. Plants have parts that help them grow and change. L.1 What are plant needs? L.2 What do plants need to grow? L.3 What are some plant parts? L.4 What are some plant life cycles? L.5 How does a bean plant grow?

Social Studies
Communities and Resources
Essential Question: What resources do people need to live and how do people get these resources?

What are natural resources?
Using our resources
caring for our resources
Food production: long ago and today
Down on the farm
Farms of yesterday
Farms of today
From farm to table


Essential Question:
Why is it important to keep trying even if something is difficult to do?

Phonics: Long i ( i, igh, ie, y)

Grammar: Subject-verb agreement

Comprehension skill: Sequence of Events



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Unit 3: Chapter 8
Choose to Do Good

God is our Father who created us and cares for us.  We can trust in God because he loves us.

Please remember we are a peanut free classroom.  
All snacks MUST be peanut free
please send in one snack and drink per day for your child.

If their is a change in dismissal please make sure you send a note into school with your child.

Please be sure to send in an absent note when your child returns to school.