3rd Grade

*NO Extra help February 13, 2018!*

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday February 14- STEM Olympic Flag Due
Friday February 16- STEM Olympics 

STEM Olympic Flag- please have your child write or type at least three facts about their country! Thank you!!

Be sure you are 
studying your multiplication facts!!

Please remember to reference the calendar for dates, Reading Logs and Word Problem of the Week attachments!!!

Please be sure to sign and return tests. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

December was such a great month of learning! Third grade has been learning their multiplication facts and various strategies they can implement to help them succeed! They have been doing a great job studying!
The students have also been learning so much in ELA. Continuing to strengthen their phonemic awareness, decoding of words and sounds has been great. Students have also been learning about different genres, cause and effect, sentence structure, verbs and continually reinforcing their inferencing skills. After reading "The Kamishibi Man" in our Journeys textbooks, students have been working more on understanding Cause and Effect strategies. They identified with their partners first and then worked independently. 

In Social Studies, the students has such a wonderful time learning about U. S. Geography. They have been spending time learning about various landform regions and writing about their own landforms! They used clay to model their designs and will be painting their final creations this week! 
In Religion, we have been spending time learning about how we pray, what spaces are comfortable for us to pray and the different prayers we can say including ones we have memorized and others such as the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary
January is going to be another great month filled with learning for the 3rd grade!!  

Word Problem of the Week will be posted every Monday on my calendar with the attachment linked. Please print and have completed by Friday. Students will have a folder where they will be storing the problems

FSA will be on Fridays 

Spelling Homework Schedule
Monday: ABC Order
Tuesday: #1-7 words in sentences
Wednesday:#8-15 words in sentences
Thursday: Three times each 
Friday: FSA

 Any questions regarding what will be happening this year, feel free to email me at cceliberti5620@ollmalverne.org.
Third grade will be filled with plenty of fun and exciting learning opportunities and I look forward to experiencing them together.


Monday- Computer/ Library
Tuesday- Gym 
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Computer/Library and Spanish
Friday- Music