3rd Grade

No Spelling Test this week November 20th!

Dates to remember
Wednesday November 22, 2017- Half Day 11:50  dismissal
-Word Problem of the Week due
-9:00am mass

Please remember to reference the calendar for dates, reading logs and word problem of the week attachments!!!

Please be sure to sign and return tests. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

October has been great for the 3rd grade! We wrapped up our second math chapter and completed a project creating our own tally charts, bar graphs and picture graphs on data they collected themselves. They did fantastic work!
In ELA, students continue working on different types of sentences and how to combine two 
simple sentences and making them compound. Students also wrote descriptive paragraphs about their haunted houses that are for sale! They are so creative and fantastic!!
Students are also coming to the end of Unit 1 and will be taking a benchmark in a couple of weeks.We also have been continuing working on our vowel teams, spelling words and high frequency words. Please continue reviewing and practicing at home!
We also have begun our Social Studies Unit learning about maps, globes and how they can help us in our lives. Students are also very excited about their map project and creating their own imaginative town! Cannot wait to see their beautiful work!
In Religion we are working on our All Saints activity and discussing how we are a community of Christ and how as Catholics we can contribute to the community of Our Lady of Lourdes. 
I look forward to another educational month with the 3rd grade!

Reading log will be due at the end of the month, 10/ 31/ 2017.
 If lost, there is an attachment located under Calendar at the beginning of each month. 

Word Problem of the Week will be posted every Monday on my calendar with the attachment linked. Please print and have completed by Friday. Students will have a folder where they will be storing the problems

FSA will be on Fridays 

Spelling Homework Schedule
Monday: ABC Order
Tuesday: #1-7 words in sentences
Wednesday:#8-15 words in sentences
Thursday: Three times each 
Friday: FSA

 Any questions regarding what will be happening this year, feel free to email me at cceliberti5620@ollmalverne.org.
Third grade will be filled with plenty of fun and exciting learning opportunities and I look forward to experiencing them together.


Monday- Computer/ Library
Tuesday- Gym and HEPP
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Computer/Library and Spanish
Friday- Music