3rd Grade

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This year's school theme:
We are the light of the world!
Remember to let your light shine each day!

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Week of April 8, 2019
Grammar- Adverbs that compare
Spelling:  words with the suffix -less and -ness
Math: review of fractions and multiplication
Social Studies: People and the Environment
People and the Environment.docx
Religion: The Celebrations and Sacraments of the Church

Spelling- Every Friday
Comprehension and Grammar- Every Friday

children must be going over their math facts every night!

How to contact Mrs. Cunnane
Please feel free to e-mail me at tpowers5620@ollmalverne.org
I check my e-mail before and after school.  If you reach out later in the evening please know that I will get back to you in the morning.

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Please remember our classroom is a peanut free classroom and to plan your small, simple, healthy snacks accordingly.

Dismissal changes: A note must be sent in with your child if there will be a change in dismissal!
Absent notes: When your child returns to school please remember to send in a note with your child.

Homework is not an optional assignment!  Homework is given each night for the benefit of your child.  Please allow your child to try and complete their assignments on their own to the best of their ability.  Once completed I ask that homework is signed every night.  It is important to make sure you are aware of what your child is submitting each day.

Third Grade Spelling Homework
Spelling words will be assigned at the beginning of each week.  Below is a link to the spelling choices that can be completed each night.  You must choose a new activity each night, you can not repeat an activity during the week. 

No credit will be given if spelling homework is handed in late or sloppy.  Again, homework must be signed each night

Spelling Menu (3).docx

Reading Log
At the first of each month please print out the reading log that you will find below. This will be your responsibility and will be collected the last Friday of each month. Each student is asked to read 20-30 minutes each night. The reading log will count as a test grade at the end of each month, if you fail to return your reading log you will receive a zero as a test grade.
reading log.pdf