4th grade ELA

4th grade will be having a test on Tuesday March 14, 2017. If weather is a factor, it will be on Wednesday March 15, 2017. Students should be using their Think Central accounts to reread the story, reviewing vocabulary words and also think on a broader sense and generate conclusions or inferences about what is going to occur and what is occurring in the story. There will be a writing portion that will require them to draw conclusions based on the text.  Students should be using their notebook, notes and RNB to help prepare. 

They have also been working in their Barrons preparation book for their state test in March. Students have been working on Fact vs. Opinion, main idea, verbs and inferencing. These are skills that are reinforced in the classroom and they are doing a nice job with the content. Students are also continuing to take their weekly Reading Comprehension quizzes on Thursday. Reading at home and asking questions about what they have read will continue to help them. They have been showing great progress with their reading comprehension. Keep working hard!!

4th grade extra help will start up again on Wednesday January 4th. For now on, extra help for 4th grade ELA will be every Wednesday. Students will receive a notice in their folders requesting their attendance. If you wish your child to attend, please send a email or note to notify. Please make sure that you provide a change in dismissal if students attend! Thank you!

*Studnets should be using their Think Central Accounts to help recall information and continue working on their Reading Comprehension.

*Also, students should always have an independent reading book on them at all times!! 

*Please reference their Journey Readers Notebook, notebook and Think Central to help if there is any confusion. They provide helpful explanations.  

Each fourth grader must have a grade level novel/chapter book with them at all times. It is essential they they are constantly building their fluency and comprehension. 

All projects and test dates will be posted on website. Students should be copying homework in class before they leave.

Some concepts that will be addressed throughout the second unit include:

- Writing Process and various types of writing (narrative, personal, informational)
- Kinds of Sentences
-Complete sentences vs. Fragment
-Use of Quotation marks
- Run-on sentences
- Author's Purpose
 -Cause and Effect

*Students should be reading every night for 30 minutes!*

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at cceliberti5620@ollmalverne.org

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