4th Grade Science

4th Grade Science


Welcome to 4th grade Science!

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May 31, 2017: Science Performance Test
June 5, 2017: Science Written Test

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        Science Fusion
Chapter 10
Test Friday, May 19, 2017

Big Idea: Electric currents and magnets can be used for many purposes.

Lesson 1: What is electricity?
Lesson 2: What is an electric current?
Lesson 3: What are electric circuits, conductors, and insulators?
Lesson 4: How do we use electricity?

Students will have a quiz at the completion of every lesson.

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Electricity Project

Due on May 17th, 2017

The fourth grade science class will be starting a new chapter on electricity.  Students will need to build a simple series circuit.  Your circuit could be as simple or complex as you would like, but you need to be able to explain it.  This project will help students learn the basic concepts of electricity and electrical circuits.  Students will build a light circuit powered by a battery.  The projects should be mounted on a small piece of wood or on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Snap circuit kits are not allowed to be used for this project.  Be creative! 

Science Test 
Friday, May 19, 2017

Science 4

Unit 10

 Review Sheet

Vocabulary: Static Electricity, Magnet, Generator, Conductor, Circuit, Insulator, Electric current, electric motor

Students should be able to identify parts of an electromagnet

Students should know they best choice for insulators and conductors

Students should know the difference and be able to identify both an open and closed circuit

How can magnets and wire be used to generate electricity?

Know the location of and charge of protons, neutrons, and electrons

What does electrical energy transform into?

What causes static electricity?

Opposites attract and the same charges repel each other!