Fourth Grade
.October has brought many new and exciting events in Grade 4. The students are really enjoying Current Event presentations from their peers. We are learning about so many new and innovative technologies. We are wrapping up our IOWA testing. The kids have been really good about these tests. We are looking forward to getting back to our normal routine though, and Halloween of course.

The HEPP (Health) Program has begun. Mrs. Rotundo works with us on Tuesday mornings for one period. This program runs through late November.

We are looking forward to our  trip to Rock Hall Museum in Lawrence NY. This will tie in with our Social Studies Curriculum about our community, state. The students will be able to wear their Physical Education uniforms for this trip

We are working  in Unit 2 in Math. This unit focuses on Multiplication. Place value will continued to be practiced and applied through the year.  Our Math curriculum is scaffold-ed, which means we continue to develop new and previously learned concepts. The students are enjoying using the white boards to explain and solve the multi-step problems.

The students and I are so excited to have "DEAR" time everyday. This time allows us to read silently , which improves our vocabulary, comprehension, and love for reading.
Some areas that we are concentrating on are, author's purpose, context clues, and narrative writing.  The students will be taking FSA (formative spelling assessments) every Friday. These assessments assist in developing the application of the spelling/grammar rules for the week.

Be well. God Bless you and those you love. Peace


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