Fourth Grade
Check the calendar -NYS ELA Assessment begin on Tuesday March 28 and go through Thursday March 30. Please note that the students should be prepared with 4-5 sharpened pencils , and a book to read each day. These testing do not take all day-on average each testing day is approximately 2 hours.

The fourth and fifth grade classes worked on a Lenten Service Project. We created shamrocks with Green hearts, they were called "Love Rocks". The" Love Rocks" had messages and prayers for patients at Sloan Kettering @ Mercy hospital. The students decorated small white bags, filled them with Love Rocks and gold nugget candy. Thank you Mrs. Hughes for being our angel delivery service.

  We are working with fractions . The students have been, creating equivalent fractions, simplifying fraction, finding common denominators etc... I am so happy with the progress we have made. Keep up the great work. The fun has just begun. We are also working on Geometry. 
As you can see Math skills are ongoing. It is essential to continue to integrate Math and the many facets into our day to day experiences.
Keep practicing the multiplication facts as well as long division.

Social Studies for Grade 4 is centered on New York State. We are studying  State and Local governments. We will learn about the three branches of government in our nation .
We have been viewing some Liberty Kids programs to enhance our SS curriculum.
  In Religion, the students will be studying about Lent and the days leading up to Easter
.    .  Current Events has  begun The class is really enjoying the presentations. .Each student knows his/her assigned date.

Please be sure to check your child's folder daily for important information on upcoming assignments and projects in all classes. 

We are continuing to develop our Critical Thinking skills through ELA, SS, and Science lessons.

Be well. God Bless you and those you love. Peace


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