Miss Celiberti's Class

5th grade Test on Storm Warriors is on Friday March 10th, 2017. Students should be reading the story on their think central accounts, referencing their notes on generalizations and conclusions inside their notebooks and also the vocabulary words within the text. 

Thank you so much for the generous gift for Teacher Appreciation Day! I love working with the students and I cannot wait to continue with them for the remainder of the year! Thank you again!
5-2 had so much fun during Catholic Schools Week! On Thursday they worked as a class writing Valentines for Veterans and also wrote get well wishes and cards to cancer patients in hospitals. Check out their hard work in the photo Gallery!! 

The students did a fantastic job with their Book Tastings! They did a fantastic jobs getting a taste of their new exciting genres! They are very excited to take out their new books! Check out some pictures in the Photo Gallery!

 Reminder: Students are continuing to take Reading Comprehension Quizzes on Tuesdays. Please continue reading at home and asking comprehension questions to better their understanding.

Students have been working on Inferencing, cause and effect and verbs. Students have been doing a great job in class!  

Extra Help for 5th grade ELA will be on Thursday afternoons.  Students will receive a notice in their mailbox requesting their attendance. If you wish for your child to attend, please send in a note or email me letting me know and we an discuss. Also, please bring in a change of dismissal note. Thank you!

* Students Think Central Accounts should be the same from last year!  Their first initial last name and their password is their home number.
username: cceliberti
password: seven digit home number
 Any problems please let me know!

I am very excited to continue teaching ELA this year to 5th grade! Any problems or concerns please contact me at cceliberti5620@ollmalverne.org

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