5th Grade

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Math: We are multiply and dividing fractions.  This lesson will expand on what students already know about multiplication and division into finding a fractional part of a whole.  When multiplying or dividing a whole number by a fraction, students will understand that they are finding part of a group.
Please log onto Think Central for some great resources.
***Thursday, May 3rd Chapter 7 Test***

:  We are working in our Progress Books and Unit 3 of Journeys.  Progress is a great resource to help reinforce Reading Comprehension skills and assist in expanding Writing Skills as well.  Unit 3 in Journeys will focus on different informational text and problem solving skills based on the facts found in the readings.

***Wednesday Reading Comprehension Test***

***Friday, vocabulary quiz ***

Science: We are working on Units 5 and 6.  In these units we will be learning how living things interact with one another in ecosystems.  We will also be exploring how energy flows from the sun to plants and animals.

We are discussing the importance of Pentecost. 

Important Dates: 


Specials Schedule

Monday- Art & Gym
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Computers/Library
Thursday- Music
Friday- Computers/Library

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to email me at cbaer5620@ollmalverne.org

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