5th Grade

Math Extra Help
Wednesday, December 5th - open to all
Tuesday, December 18th - open to all


ELA Grammar Unit 1 Review Quiz: November 29th
ELA Grammar Unit 6 Quiz: December 19th
ELA Vocab Unit 6 Quiz: November 30th
ELA Vocab Unit 7 Quiz: December 14th
Benchmark Reading Comprehension Quizzes: November 30th

Science Unit 12 Space Test: December 7th
Science Unit 15 Xmas Project Due: Week of December 17th

Math Chapter 11 Mid-Chapter Quiz: December 6th
Math Chapter 11 Geometry Test: December 19th

Religion / ELA "Believe" essay due: December 18th

*all assessments above will be count for the second trimester*

* Specials Schedule *

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Foreign Language and Computer / Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursdays: Music

Friday: Computer / Library

Email: ccarl5620@ollmalverne.org