4th Grade

It seems as though Spring has finally arrived.
The NYS ELA and Math assessments are behind us.
We are very proud off the children for all their hard work.
The students will continue to prepare for the NYS Science performance and written assessment.
We will continue to strengthen our problem solving skills in Math.
We will continue working with fractions, decimals, and long division.
ELA will consist of Vocabulary and Journeys. The students have been having lots of fun playing the interactive vocabulary games.
We are researching famous American landmarks in the computer lab. The students will take notes, summarize the notes,  create a presentation for the class, and drop a "pin" on a USA map.
We have been learning about government. Thanks to Assemblyman Curran for his visit, and a pizza lunch.
May is for our Blessed Mother .
We offer daily prayers to Mary. We will be creating a "Mary Quilt. "
We are excited about the May Crowning.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Spring season.

I strongly suggest you utilize the resources available on Think Central. The Interactive Student Book offers videos, practice problems, and reviews the steps of each process. The Personal Math Trainer is interactive and self correcting.
The students know how to access these links.

Fractions, fractions, fractions The students are really enjoying the challenge fractions present. They are familiarizing themselves with equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, and comparing fractions.  Next up fractions greater than one and mixed numbers. Stay tuned..Geometry will be incorporated into our lessons  each week. We will be discussing plane and 3_d figures. We will continue to work with multiples, factors, area , and perimeter. Our Math curriculum is scaffold-ed, which means we continue to develop new and previously concepts. The students are enjoying using the white boards to explain and solve the multi-step problems, as  well as some division/dice games.

Be well. God Bless you and those you love. Peace