Kindergarten with Mrs. Kalny

    Happy Easter! Have a blessed & safe vacation, see you on the 24th.  
In Math Chapter 10: Three-dimensional shapes. Please be sure they are practicing drawing these shapes. We do them in school, it would be a great help if they practice making them at home. Rectangular prism, sphere, pyramid, cylinder, a cube, and a cone.    
In Science: Focus is back to plants. Vocabulary will include, seed, seedling, sprout, adult & young tree.  
In Social Studies: We are almost finished with our weekly Studies weekly Social Studies magazine that covers the standards for SS. In ELA we will be continuing Social studies through stories that we read weekly, to continue learning about SS for the remainder of the school year.    
In Literacy/Reading: We will be starting Unit 4 weekly stories, using big books & smaller books. They really enjoy the read aloud I do with them & the stories that are introduced. We are always reviewing character, setting & all story elements in each story read, as well as, introducing more skills through our reading/writing workbook. Right now we are focusing on Antarctica as our story. We will continue that Information Text book when we return from vacation.    
In Religion: We are discussing Lent, the 40 days leading to Easter, the Three Days & Easter.   
I started Guided reading groups, so you will see books (Just Right Books) coming home for them to read. These books when finished reading go directly back in their book bag or red folder, they never stay home. As time goes on, they will receive more books in their plastic bags. Please be sure they are reading every night. If they are ready to read & are excited, it will make their world much easier; your's too in regard to independence & a solid foundation for being a good student in all subject areas. Reading is the foundation for all subjects.          
  Please be sure you are reviewing the dolch word list words (high frequency words) on a daily basis, it will help them in learning to read. It's important in helping them decode & lead to more fluent reading. I can see they are catching on to want to try & read my morning messages to them. Some are really doing a great job & we continue to go over the sounds of each letter of the alphabet on a daily basis.     
Remember - The Pre-primer (Pre-K words & Primer (Kindergarten words)
 these are the dolch word list. Keep up the great work, I can't do it without your help! Thank you for your cooperation & understanding. We are moving along in handwriting and phonics; go over the sounds especially vowels.  Please be sure they are counting as well & that they are able to recognize numbers 1-100, speak with them about each number increases by one more. We are also counting by five's and two's, daily. 

For incoming Kindergarten students 2016/2017 school year link for summer work, click here to download. 
 Summer K Packet 

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