Kindergarten with Mrs. Kalny

Winter is here, please practice with your child  , zipping, buttoning & how to put on their jackets. It is just me at dismissal time, some days I cannot get to all of them. Thank you!      

Math: Chapter 6, we completed our subtraction assessment & we will continue to visit it daily to practice. It is a difficult concept to grasp & there are may strategies to get the answers. They did not do very well & I am disappointed, but I know they are a very young group. We will continue to work on subtraction when we are finished with the math curriculum. I have, in the past, finished the math curriculum in May, so after that we will focus on subtraction. Chapter 7 focuses on place value & we will learn about numerals 11 & 12 & so forth. It will be an easier concept to learn.   

 This week:  living, Non-living. Animals- Many kinds.  

Social Studies: Maps & Globes. (Martin Luther King Jr. )

 ELA: This week:  Little Quack- High frequency words, Dolch word list. They should be able to identify these words in a sentence. Discuss sentences are made of words, words are made of letters. Letters make sounds to form words. Sentences begin with an uppercase letter & end with a period, exclamation point or question mark. We have also been discussing what words are nouns in a sentence, verbs (action words) & adjectives. They need to know this. Proper nouns as well are being discussed. 

Religion: God gave us Jesus

Handwriting: S s, Bb, Pp & reviewing of all letters in the alphabet.  Please be sure they are forming letters correctly. Refer to the alphabet I sent home previously. Follow the arrows to guide them on how to form them properly.   
For incoming Kindergarten students 2018/2019 school year link for summer work, click here to download.  Summer K Packet.  Click here for book report page.     

There is a company called Channing Bete, they provide video's & brochures to parents who are interested in learning more about parenting skills & helping to educate your child at all grade levels. I have reviewed some of their materials & found it very informative, simple to read & helpful. If you are interested in purchasing a brochure, video or book regarding parenting & educating your child, here are several ways you can order from them. I highly recommend them. Online:, Phone: 1800-628-7733, or email:

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Monday: Art
Tuesday: Library/Computer
Wednesday: Physical Education
Friday: Library/Computer & LOTE


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