Kindergarten with Mrs. Kalny

Next week is Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday, December 7th. It is an early dismissal at 11:45. P/T Conferences begin at 12:30. No school on Friday, December 8th, Immaculate Conception. P/T Conferences for evening appointments are on Monday, December 11th, after school till 7:00. Time is going by so quickly, it's already December!!!! We are now in the second Trimester, the work will become more demanding & more difficult. Everything builds on prior skills & work. Please be sure your child gets the assistance they need & try to encourage as much independence as possible. I am encouraging them everyday with positive praise, stickers and prizes. They are eager to learn & I am seeing growth in their reading skills (decoding) it's exciting to see!  

We are moving into Chapter 5 which focuses on addition. Terms they need to know are add, plus, equal, addend & sum. Please be sure your child can count to at least 50 right now & that they can identify the numbers correctly. We are still working on counting on a daily basis. Remind them each number increases by one more. Chapter 5 is a long chapter, will notify you when assessment is.  
Science: We are learning about many different types of animals  and how they grow & change. We also grow & change. 
ELA: The students are really enjoying the stories we have been reading every week.  We are discussing the genre's of the stories & all the story elements. So far we have learned about the setting of a story, characters & sequencing & comparing & contrasting (what is alike/different) We are also reviewing the vocabulary terms from each story & the high frequency words as well. In handwriting, please be sure they are starting their letters at the TOP line, never at the bottom. Lowercase letters also, some begin at the top line as well, or the dotted line. Please be aware of how they are forming them & remind them as I do in school. Thank you!! :)
Social Studies: We focused on the Earth, where we live as a planet, continent, country & state. Also the waters that surround our country to the east, west & south (Gulf of Mexico) Please review & discuss with your child what they learn in SS. It's good reinforcement.  We do Social Studies on a daily basis as well, through calendar. We always have stories that focus on Social Studies & History through some of the stories they read in ELA (Big Books, etc, weekly) Please review the days of the week, after & before, and the months of the year, as well. I am noticing many of them have difficulty following which day comes next & which day came before. We discuss yesterday was the past, today is the present & tomorrow is the future.
Religion: ​We have begun Advent & then Christmas will begin next week. Please be sure your child is saying their prayers every night, especially the "Our Father" & how to properly do the sign of the cross. We are also practicing this in school. Please be sure you are taking your children to mass every Sunday. When we attend church with the school, I can see some do not know what to do while at mass.  It is a demanding curriculum for the students at this age. With your help, I am sure they will do fine.
Please be sure they are completing their homework every night. Whatever pages I send home, must be completed & sent back the next day in their red folder. They are graded on homework as well. Any incomplete homework pages results in a zero in my grade book & can reflect on their grade, come report card time. Please continue to read with your child every night! It's so important for them. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding & for your child, they are all special!  

For incoming Kindergarten students 2016/2017 school year link for summer work, click here to download.  Summer K Packet 

There is a company called Channing Bete, they provide video's & brochures to parents who are interested in learning more about parenting skills & helping to educate your child at all grade levels. I have reviewed some of their materials & found it very informative, simple to read & helpful. If you are interested in purchasing a brochure, video or book regarding parenting & educating your child, here are several ways you can order from them. I highly recommend them. Online:, Phone: 1800-628-7733, or email:

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