Mrs. Kalny's Favorite Links!
Mrs. Kalny's Favorite Links!
Books, silly books!
Like to read silly books? Check this site out!
Brain Exercises
Want to increase your memory, help yourself become more focused in school. Try this web site & fun games to exercise your brain!
Comic books!
Love Comic Books? Check this web site out.
Fairy Tale stories web site
Like Fairy Tales? take a look.
Grammar Website (practice)
Practice your Grammar, be a good writer!
Interactive math web site
Math interactive web page for math skills practice.
Math practice
Lots of math practice on this web site.
Math website
Choose grade level for practice
Parental Guide to Reading
Good web site to see (Review) what your child should be doing while reading.
Poetry web site
Poetry website, interactive
Reading computer program interactive
Excellent site for all grade to assist in reading.
Science News for Kids (Good Non-fiction reading)
Great Science web site for Kids, good non-fiction reading for them.. Good interactive computer literacy assistance. Great site!  
Science website (& other subjects too)
Great science website with cool video's & interactive games.
Summer K Packet