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During the next few weeks the nursery will be "Going Wild" as we explore interesting facts about the  animals of the Rain Forest and celebrate the many wonders of God's creation.

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Please continue to reinforce

First and Last Name Recognition
Letter Recognition
Counting  1-20
Number Recognition 1-10

Please Practice
Our Father
Hail Mary
Pledge of Allegiance

Special Dates

May 10 @ 10:30 in the Classsroom - Mother's Day Tea 

June 14th- Last day for Nursery
"Stepping Up" Celebration
You will receive more information in the future.


 The children are continuing to work on name recognition and tracing their names.  They are also learning the proper way to use scissors.The children will also be learning about the many miracles and teachings of Jesus as they grow in their faith formation with a special emphasis this month on our Blessed Mother, Mary.
Please review and reinforce

  • Alphabet sequence and Letter recognition 
  • Name recognition
  • First and Last Name
  • Counting 1-20  Number recognition 1-10