Mrs. Clausen's Pre-Kindergarten

November has arrived.  It seems like we are finally getting autumn.  This month we will be learning about the letters F, G, and H.  We will be counting on through 6, 7 and 8.  Our color is brown and the shape is a triangle.  We will discussing Election Day and Veteran's Day.  Our theme is Thanksgiving and Family.  Our Christmas concert is on Wednesday, December 19th in our classroom (Room105) at 1 PM.  Due to space limitations only two(2) adults per child and no siblings. Thank you for your understanding.  
Our special classes: 
Monday-Gym (sneakers)

Don't forget:

  1. A lunch box or sack to carry your child’s snack.  Please write your child’s name on the lunch box. Lunch money in an envelope with name and order. 
  2. A separate brown bag with a small healthy snack with their name clearly written on it. 
  3. Please put your child’s name on all sweaters and or jackets he/she will wear to school.
  4. Please practice scissor skills and the correct grip for writing.

Please remember we follow the school calendar.
We are a NUTFREE classroom.
Please call the school (516) 599-7328 if your child is ill or you will be late picking up.  A written note explaining the child’s absence is needed on your child’s return.
My email is
The school website is
***Your child must have all immunizations up to date and submitted to the school office before the first day of school**.                                         

Just some reminders:
1. Please write your child's NAME on everything. 
2.  Please bring a complete change of clothes in a plastic bag with your child's name on  it.
3. Pre K dismisses at 11:40 on Early Dismissal days. 
**Please remember  that classes are in session at dismissal time. The Pre-Kindergarten can not play in the schoolyard at that time. We appreciate your consideration and help in this matter.**
Please return the school handbook contract signed.  It is the last page of the school calendar. Thank you!




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