Mrs. Clausen's Pre-Kindergarten

On Friday, May 10th we will be having a blessed Mother's May Crowning and a Mother's Day tea at 1PM. One special person per child.  Our Moving Up ceremony is on Tuesday, June 11th at 1:30 PM.  We will be having our celebration outside in the schoolyard (weather permitting). The children will be dismissed after the celebration for the summer vacation. Please mark your calendars! There is a early dismissal on Friday, June 7th for a Faculty meeting.  
Our special classes: 
Monday-Gym (sneakers)

Don't forget:

  1. A lunch box or sack to carry your child’s snack.  Please write your child’s name on the lunch box. Lunch money in an envelope with name and order. 
  2. A separate brown bag with a small healthy snack with their name clearly written on it. 
  3. Please put your child’s name on all sweaters and or jackets he/she will wear to school.
  4. Please practice scissor skills and the correct grip for writing.

Please remember we follow the school calendar.
We are a NUTFREE classroom.
Please call the school (516) 599-7328 if your child is ill or you will be late picking up.  A written note explaining the child’s absence is needed on your child’s return.
My email is
The school website is
***Your child must have all immunizations up to date and submitted to the school office before the first day of school**.                                         

Just some reminders:
1. Please write your child's NAME on everything. 
2.  Please bring a complete change of clothes in a plastic bag with your child's name on  it.
3. Pre K dismisses at 11:40 on Early Dismissal days. 
**Please remember  that classes are in session at dismissal time. The Pre-Kindergarten can not play in the schoolyard at that time. We appreciate your consideration and help in this matter.**
Please return the school handbook contract signed.  It is the last page of the school calendar. Thank you!