Pre-K with Mrs. Flavin
                  Welcome!!!! Our assistants are Mrs. Tortorella and Mrs. Mulroy!

                        WE ARE A NUT FREE and EGG FREE

 Small motor skills---We had Scissor practice with our Koalas, mittens and bears.                  

 Gross motor skills
--We did  exercises from "Banana Yoga," Playschool Dance," and "Letter K
Rock and Roll."

-  We began #11 by counting buttons, chips and snowballs. We wrote #11 and spelled the word "Eleven." We sequenced numbers 1-11, by using our classmates.

-      We began letter "K." We made Koalas, painted "K," and practiced our "K" sound from our sound box. 
We read many Winter stories and reviewed author, illustrator, characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, setting and problem!
 Social Studies/Science --
We talked about the important events in the month of January. We discussed Hibernation and made bears in their lair sleeping. This project included black beans. For Science, we discussed the state of matter of the beans. What happens after we cook them. We then made hot chocolate in our classroom and also learned that steam is a gas.
Religion-- We learned about St. John the Baptist. We discussed Christenings and what a Baptism is. We learned about Holy Water/Oil and Sacraments. We then incorporated our good manners into the fact that God wants us to follow his kindness and love! 


Please practice scissors holding and cutting at home.
Please try to have your child go to the bathroom before school.
Practice our prayer, "Our Father." and"Hail Mary,"and "Glory Be."
Please review name writing, address, phone # and birthday!
School is a half day on Friday for our faculty meeting.
School is closed January 21st for Martin Luther King Day!  



Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: