Pre-K with Mrs. Flavin
                  Welcome!!!! Our assistants are Mrs. Tortorella and Mrs. Mulroy!

                        WE ARE A NUT FREE and EGG FREE

 Small motor skills---We had Scissor practice with shapes and we built cubes towers of seven. We made a stickers scene which was a hard task.                                  

 Gross motor skills
--We reviewed exercises, like jumping jacks, ski jumps and jogging in place! We did fun exercise videos! 

-  We finished #7! We counted bears, 7 cubes and reviewed #1 to #7. We counted our Math chips by shopping and checking out!

-      We read many stories about Thanksgiving, and Fall! We familiarized ourselves with  "G" words and completed a "G" Collage!

Social Studies--
We spoke about Pilgrims and Native Americans by performing a play! We learned about hunting, gathering, building, fishing and creating things from trees and plants.

We discussed harvesting, growth of crops and cooking without electric.

Religion--We learned about feelings and emotions. God taught us how to express ourselves in a kind and loving way.

Please practice scissors holding and cutting at home.
Please try to have your child go to the bathroom before school.
Practice our prayer, "our Father." and"Hail Mary."
Half Day on Wednesday! No School On Thursday and Friday!
Save the Date! December 19th is our Christmas Concert-1:45pm. Only 2 adults per child due to our small space in the classroom.



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