Enrichment 2018-2019

Each class will begin with a Do Now. These 5-10 minute assignments will be vary from day to day.The intention of these daily exercises is to develop the students' creative and critical thinking skills. 
With Halloween upon us, we will be enjoying  some sweet Candy Corn STEAM activities. Some classes will be working collaboratively with Grade 4.
All Enrichment classes will be starting a Cartography Project in November.

 We have completed the  unit on  "Fractals." We learned how these are a part of snowflakes as well as our cell phones. We enjoyed working on  the Sierpinski Triangle Collaborative Project.

Grade 8 is in the process of creating an
"Our Lady of Lourdes News "program
Grade 8 are  working with Mrs . Letteri  on this project.   We will be integrating  Green Screen technology, as well as Language Arts, Science, Map skills, etc...Upon completion , the news program will be viewed in all classrooms . Our intention will be to produce a news program on a monthly basis.
Stay tuned.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions . I can be reached at: cgoodwin5620@ollmalverne.org