Ms. Castellaneta/ Library

Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes School Library!
Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes will visit the library once a week
. They will sit & listen to stories and sometimes will be able to look at pre-selected books and they may have coloring activities too.
Grades 1-6 will have a scheduled library class which sometimes might be combined with technology class, if they are working on a project. Each class will include age appropriate common core lessons.
Grades 1-3 are reviewing the Dewey Decimal system and finding fiction books in the library.  Fourth grade is learning about finances, fifth grade is doing research about the states, and sixth grade is doing research about Marco Polo. 

Students may check out books during their scheduled library session or when the library is open and there are no classes in session. Only one book can be taken out at a time and must be returned in order to take out another one.
OLL has a monthly newsletter and a student staff, but all are welcome to submit articles for the staff to consider. Articles can be dropped off at the library.
     You can find the link to Nassau BOCES School Library Services in my Useful Links. You will be able to search Britannica School and other useful databases. The password is nbsls.