Welcome Spring!

In the early elementary grades the students will have an introduction to Spanish with numbers 1-20 , learn colors in Spanish, greetings, courtesies, animals, foods, holiday vocabulary, Spanish Hail Mary in second grade, the trilogy En Nombre del Padre, y el Hijo y el Espiritu Santo in Kinder and all grades.

Third Graders have been working with the Spanish Book : Exploring Spanish. They will be able to write in them, create projects, reports and this book will last til 5th grade. I will collect them in June. Right now they are learning geography of Spain and Mexico.  We are learning to identify rivers, mountains and capitals and much of the cultural history of Mexico and Spain. There are two activities on page 52; 1. They are a tour guide hired to lead a group of scholars from the United States to tour Mexico. They will choose three cities to show the scholars and tell them what they would see on the tour.   2.  Name three places you would like to visit if you were a winner of a three-week vacation in Spain. ( You get to choose the season)
What would you see and do there? Why did you choose these places?

Fourth grade are up to Chapter 9 in the book Exploring Spanish. They will learn the names of basic and regional foods in Spanish.

Fifth grade are up to Chapter 13 Telling Time in Spanish. They will also learn military time.  They have an activity to create a day in their lives.  They will write the activity with the time and draw the clock and a picture for it. For example: Yo desayuno a las siete y media. I eat breakfast at 7:30.  They can draw a clock showing the time and some breakfast food items.  They can add for other sentences for their day.

Sixth graders will receive a hard cover book and workbook. There will some verb conjugations, conversations with groups, projects, quizzes or reports that are graded, and they will use their Chrome books for, duolingo, and other programs to enhance Spanish. They created an interview of a famous person and wrote a Spanish dialog with their partner. They will present this in class.

7th and 8th have a different text: Spanish Is Fun.  There will be more verb conjugations with the subject pronouns. Cultural stories to read , songs on the Smart board, reports, poems to write in Spanish and the Spanish " Our Father" and "Hail Mary" every day. The 8th grade students will receive a homework assignment to complete a biography in Spanish . They will tell about themselves, use a baby picture or scanned baby picture of themselves on the first page and they will place a today picture under it or on a second page.  It should be titled in Spanish Who Am I? I will give them the work on May 10 and they can turn it within two weeks.