Buenvenidos! Welcome to Spanish class!  My name is Mrs. JoAnne Dolan and I will be your childs' Spanish teacher. I will begin this year with Kindergarten and continue to teach Spanish up to the eighth grade.

In the early elementary grades the students will have an introduction to Spanish with numbers 1-10 then it progresses, colors, greetings, courtesies, animals, foods, holiday vocabulary, Spanish Hail Mary in second grade, the trilogy En Nombre del Padre, y el Hijo y el Espiritu Santo in Kinder and all grades.

Third Graders will receive their first Spanish Book : Exploring Spanish. They will be able to write in them, create projects, reports and this book will last til 5th grade. I will collect them in June.

Sixth graders will receive a hard cover book and workbook. There will some verb conjugations, conversations with groups, projects, quizzes or reports that are graded, and they will use their Chrome books for, duolingo, and other programs to enhance Spanish.

7th and 8th have a different text: Spanish Is Fun.  There will be more verb conjugations with the subject pronouns. Cultural stories to read , songs on the Smart board, reports, poems to write in Spanish and the Spanish " Our Father" and "Hail Mary" every day.