"To have another language is to possess a second soul."  -  Charlemagne

BIENVENIDOS- WELCOME to Mrs. Dolan's Spanish class. Your children will learn the Spanish language and culture throughout their years here at Our Lady of  Lourdes. The National Foreign Language Standards are communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and community. This will include reading, writing, speaking and listening. We will also learn the Ave Maria in grade 2 and the Our Father/ Padre Nuestro grades 3-8.

1st grade learn numbers in Spanish, sing songs with days and months in Spanish, learn new vocabulary every week and use our Smartboards with games, songs and information.

2nd grade learn more numbers, more Spanish vocabulary, color activity sheets and use the Smartboard for games, songs and information

3rd We will begin Chapter 3 Counting numbers in Spanish. They will perform basic mathematical functions, relate numbers to geometric figures and comprehend costs in a store setting.

4th  The students are now on Chapter 8 Occupations and Jobs. They will learn new vocabulary and identify common occupations, work roles and responsibilities. Fourth graders have a homework assignment to write about 5 occupations  or jobs.  They have to find a picture and write under it What do you do for a living? A que to dedicas?  or Quien soy yo? Who am I?  The students will take turns in answering.

5th -The 5th graders started Chapter 16 ( Days and Months/Dias y Meses), Students were assigned to choose one of the days of the week and what mythological god is connected to that day. Then they will write something about his or her life.  One page and appropriate pictures are to be used.
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6th  New Text En Espanol 1a  Students received new books and workbooks. They are learning how to conjugate some verbs (Ser-to be) with the subject pronouns.  They also presented a country report using their Chromebooks. They also work on

7th and 8th will receive their own books with advanced vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening skills.  They will continue using duolingo on their Chromebooks.

Lets have fun learning a language!

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