We will be focusing on keyboarding, research strategies, digital citizenship, and creative design. In the computer lab we use digital tools to learn about the world around us and share our ideas with each other. It’s going to be an exciting year!


Kindergarten is practicing pointing, clicking, and becoming acquainted with the keyboard. They use KidPix and go to websites such as Starfall and

The 5th grade will be working on a research project in conjunction with their classroom teacher about states. They will be using Google Earth to locate and share their research. 

Our first graders continue to improve their keyboarding skills by creating seasonal word lists, writing stories, and completing simple research projects such as weather.

The 6th grade will be making an auction site based on the travels of Marco Polo.

In second grade keyboarding skills transition to word processing skills. Students become familiar with Microsoft Word by creating seasonal projects they share with their classmates.

Grade 7 is creating their own interactive Social Studies adventure. By utilizing PowerPoint, the reader decides what will happen next.

Third graders are learning what it means to be a good Digital Citizen. Issues such as copyright, cyber-bullying, and effective search skills will be examined.

Grade 8 produced stop-motion videos. Stay tuned!
KODU Tutorial:

The fourth grade has begun a unit on financial literacy. They will be discussing earning, budgets, and spending.

How money is made

US Mint Games

Boy daydreaming
Stay tuned!