We will be focusing on keyboarding, research strategies, digital citizenship, and creative design. In the computer lab we use digital tools to learn about the world around us and share our ideas with each other. It’s going to be an exciting year!

Grade 1, 2 and 3 Typing Games: Click Here.
Grade 4 Typing Games: Click Here.
Grade 5 and 6 Typing Games: Click Here. ‚Äč

Kindergarten is practicing pointing, clicking, and becoming acquainted with the keyboard. They use KidPix and go to websites such as Starfall and 

The 5th graders will be creating Prezi's on lighthouses around the United States. Students will learn how lighthouses have played an important role in the history of the United States and still do.

Our first graders continue to improve their keyboarding skills by creating seasonal word lists, writing stories, and completing simple research projects such as weather.

The 6th grade is exploring Ellis Island through videos and websites. They will learn how it got its name "Island of Tears" and a range of other facts about this important landmark.

In second grade keyboarding skills transition to word processing skills. Students just finished a unit about service animals and how they help people. We started with the story of Owney, the post office dog.

Grade 7  is currently examining The Bill of Rights. They will create a site using Google to share with other students. For added interest they will be incorporating forms into their projects to "gamify" their presentations.

Third graders focus on research skills and fact-finding missions. They use an assortment of presentation mediums to share their findings. We are currently using Pebble Go for a variety of research topics.

Grade 8 is currently working with Photoshop. The students are creating magazine covers with their photo as the subject.

The fourth grade is researching famous people who have shaped our history. These people come from diverse backgrounds that the students will learn about. 

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