We will be focusing on keyboarding, research strategies, digital citizenship, and creative design. In the computer lab we use digital tools to learn about the world around us and share our ideas with each other. It’s going to be an exciting year!


Kindergarten is practicing pointing, clicking, and becoming acquainted with the keyboard. They use KidPix and go to websites such as Starfall and Students are focusing on phonics and spelling with an program called Key Skills.

The 5th grade is starting a unit on Ellis Island. They will be exploring the lives of immigrants from the time they leave their country, their arrival at Ellis Island, and their introduction to life in the U.S.A.. Click here for more information from Scholastic.

Our first graders continue to improve their keyboarding skills by creating seasonal word lists, writing stories, and completing simple research projects such as weather.

The 6th grade visited The Cradle of Avaiation Museum this year and experienced the artifacts found right here in Nassau County. In continuing with this theme students are researching artifacts housed at The Smithsonian in Washington. 

In second grade keyboarding skills transition to word processing skills. Students become familiar with Microsoft Word by composing, editing, and formatting stories and projects they have created. They will share these projects with their classmates.

Grade 7 students are exploring the 7 Wonders of the World and how they were assigned that designation. They will be collaborating in Google slides to create a slide show to share with the other students.

Third graders are working on a unit on Digital Citizenship. Cyberbullying, privacy, and safety are the focus with practical applications in students' daily lives. 

Grade 8 is currently working on creating their own Digital Breakout game. It is based on Escape the Room where players have to find clues to open "locks". 
How to create a lock click here.

The fourth grade is focusing on inventions and how they changed our lives. The students have been assigned an invention and will be looking at its evolution and impact.

Boy daydreaming
Stay tuned!