Student Government Page

Our Lady of Lourdes
Student Council

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

  We look forward to working closely with the parish and community. Our goal this year centers around Community Service.

President----- Grace
Vice President--- Jake
Secretary------ Jenny

The Student Council has worked on some fun and rewarding Community projects.
Thanks to the help of the OLL students we collected and distributed approx. 50 lbs.
 of Halloween candy.
We were able to create "Kindness Rocks" during

National Kindness Day back in November.
For Christmas we made Christmas Cookie Care packages for the church pantry.
In January we sponsored a successful and rewarding  Valentine's for Vets campaign.
February 's "Souper Bowl" food drive generated over 175 cans of soup for our parish pantry.
We also put together over 20 bags of goodies and well wishes for the "White Bag Project."
These bags were shared with the patients at Winthrop Hospital.

During the Lenten Season our members created their own prayers to share with their constituents. 
The members prayed during recess and offered silent reflection time
to Grades 5-8

Thanks to the generosity of our school families we were able to stock the parish pantry shelves with snacks and goodies. We collected enough to last through the summer.

Thank you to all for their constant support and generosity.

We finished our school year with a tribute to our principal, Mrs. Murphy. We wish her a rest filled , peace filled retirement. Thank you for all you have done for all of us.